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Residential Water Backup Systems

A water backup system with tanks and a booster pump is designed to ensure a reliable water supply in case of disruptions or low water pressure.

    Holds a significant amount of water

    Designed to withstand varying weather conditions

    Control panel to monitor water levels, pressure readings, and pump status

    Remotely controllable via a Smartphone App

    Provides an uninterrupted water supply during main water line repairs and outages

    Ensures your daily routine and landscape watering schedule remain unaffected

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The system incorporates storage tanks to store a sufficient amount of water and a booster pump to enhance water pressure when needed.

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    Water Storage Tanks

    Our robust tanks, crafted from durable materials like polyethylene or steel, ensure a reliable water reserve tailored to your consumption needs amid varying weather conditions.

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    Booster Pump

    A pivotal part of our system, the booster pump springs into action when water levels dip below the set mark, ensuring consistent water pressure across your plumbing landscape.

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    Check Valves

    Strategically placed check valves within our system deter reverse flow, guaranteeing unidirectional water movement. These valves are pivotal in preserving the backup water supply's integrity and averting contamination.

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    Water Mains Connection

    The primary water line links to our storage tanks, enabling refills during regular water availability. Fitted with control valves, this inlet ensures seamless water flow and backflow prevention.

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    Pressure Control System

    Our pressure control system guarantees the booster pump delivers precise water pressure. Equipped with adept sensors and a controller, it fine-tunes the pump’s usage, maintaining ideal water pressure.

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    Control Panel

    Our system's control panel empowers users to oversee and manage the backup system effortlessly. It presents crucial data like water levels, pressure readings, and pump status, alongside manual control or override functions.

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    Water Level Sensor

    Our tanks host a float switch or level sensor, diligently monitoring water levels. This intuitive sensor communicates with the booster pump, activating it promptly as the water descends below threshold.

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    Distribution Pipes

    Water journeys from your storage tanks to your building's plumbing network through a series of distribution pipes, ensuring a seamless flow to fixtures, faucets, appliances, and other areas.

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    Free Maintenance Bundle

    Get a free water cleaning solution and a free water tank health checkup as well as a free water filter replacement within your first 6 months of usage. Specially designed to keep your water tanks clean and in top performance.

Recent Water Backup System Installations

Specialist water backup system projects we've recently completed for our happy customers. Each installation is tailored to your unique needs.

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